Right Click On MacBook in VirtualBox


I’m wondering how to register a right click when running Haiku Alpha 3 in VirtualBox on a 2007/8 MacBook.

I don’t have or want to use an external USB mouse, so I’m stuck with the one button trackpad. Is there some kind of key to press to change the one button from a left click to a right click? In Tracker, holding the button down brings up the context menu, but this trick doesn’t seem to work in other programs. I can’t get context menus in LaunchBox, for example.

I’m sorry if this is covered in the documentation somewhere, but I searched somewhat far and wide and haven’t found an answer.

James (“Robertson”)

No problem Robertson! Here is how to successful right click:

Assuming that you know your way around your Macbook…

Go to: System Preferences > Keyboard & Mouse > Trackpad

Then enable “Tap Trackpad Using Two Fingers”

Also a universal way to ‘right-click’ is to hold down ‘control’ and then click, but I don’t know if that would work when in Virtualbox.

If you are using Mac OS X Lion the setting is found here: System Preferences > Trackpad > Point & Click

So once you’ve enabled it, just set (or click) using two fingers to right-click.

I hope this helped. And once this is set in System Preferences, it will work perfectly in Virtualbox.

Also have you thought about using a Bluetooth Apple Mouse? If you need step by step, I can write it down for you, just ask.