Reviving the yab community


[quote=stargater]Remember, yab are team maui product and the main coder are jan_64. I am a initiator and yab have a code place.

You have idears or patches, then mail a patches!

In the WIP we have nice Lokalisation Funktions and a yab app, but nice Haiku broke sometime the API, so we waiting for r1. Since you can used the latest version 1.7 (see the link).

Thanks and Happy coding, let us see what can you do with haiku. Personalty i like and love yab fullscreen demos.


Mmmmhhh ok Stargater,

yes yab is part of Team Maui and Jan is der main Developer, but the last version comes out and one Haiku release later it does not run anymore. Trying to contact jan have no matches and no aswers on discussions in the internet about it too. No informations about a new release…

I like to see that people makes some brainstorming and try to make things better. We have a own IDE at work too, because we have changed many times the original IDE with some useful options, but they are never get part of the official IDE. And now we make our own one, to get that features we want to have in a yab IDE. I need to take a look into Yabadbadoo. The concept sounds interesting.
I will see if a new yab version in the future (some year i think this will be) have some new functions into it, to take reaction of wishes of the developers.

Without the work of the active developers in yab, yab will be dead for some years. We have make some dirty fixes to get yab 1.7 running on Haiku again. There are you?

Have a nice day… and yeah Happy yabbing :slight_smile:


I have a start on a yab.hpkg file … it includes only the yab binary and documentation. get it at My intent is to have three .hpkg files, yab, the one that is now available, source, and devel, yabide and buildfactory.

I am using the unoficial 1.7 version as the oficial version is broken. it is labeled 1.7.02

source available at the same address.


I have uploaded the .hpkgs yab and documentation yab sources yab IDE and BuildFactory ( requires yab sources and yab)



[quote=vidrep]Is anybody interested in contacting the developer of this program and continuing further development for Haiku? (posted on Haikuware)

Haiku CD Burning
Written by Karl vom Dorff
Sunday, 04 October 2009 11:27

A nice application that normal Haiku users could use, is a CD Burning Program. The command line tools exist already, (mkisofs - included in Haiku & cdrecord, dvdrecord < not so sure the latter works under Haiku), but a GUI front-end would be welcome.

The author of Jaba jan__64 (which was a CD burning program included in Zeta and written in Yab), has asked for help in creating a new program for Haiku. So if you’re good with Yab and artwork (icons) leave a comment here and we’ll get you in contact with him.

I have the sources (and the rights) of JABA, the ZETA cdrecord frontend written in yab. However, it was written with yab version 0.2.4 and it needs quite some adjustments for yab 1.5, and some new icons and graphics too. Any volunteer who wants to help with JABA for Haiku is welcome to do so.

JABA is a Team Maui project. the developer is not Jan__64. JABA was build by DasJott and was an commercial project selled for Zeta OS. Now Jan__64 have the source code and the rights to make a new version of JABA. He have started to port the program to Haiku for some years. But he have not the time to do it, and now any interest on yab anymore? I dont know. I hope for a new release and any lifesigh from Jan__64 in the future.

JABA was great, but written on very early yab version. They are many things to change in the source before it will be run again on Haiku. We habe BurnItNow on Haiku, is it not good enough? I dont know. I will be fine to see JABA rebuild for Haiku, but who have the interest and time? I have too many other projects running in the moment.


Yab and the yab-IDE both now have recipe files in haikuports:

Why they are not included included in the HaikuDepot HaikuPorts repository remains a mystery at this point.


May I ask what you’ve tried so far to get it into the repo?



Could someone please write a step-by-step guide for newbies on how to install yab?


Sure, HaikuForever:

  • Get a nightly image not older than hrev47127.
  • Install yab-IDE via HaikuDepot.
  • PulkoMandy just uploaded the packages created by haikuporter with recipes by bbjimmy. :slight_smile:



    For earlier versions of Haiku goto and download either the yab and yab-ide .hpkg files or the yab 1.7 unofficial version. For .hpkg files, move them to ~/config/packlages. For the zip file, unzip and follow the readme file.


    Do you using a nightly or a official haiku release?

    The most tutorial about yab are availalbe at <a href=“” target_“new”>besly knowledge base


    FYI - there has been recent YAB related discussion on the Haikuware forums.


    updated yab-IDE … not yet in haikudepot


    Unfortunately we lost a lot of yab inmformation when haikuware went down. The yab forum has been moved to and the latest .hpkgs ( not yet in haikudepot) are hosted at


    This are not the offical yab homepage and you are not the owner of yab!
    Why do not ask us! You used Logo and name!

    MFG stargater


    [quote=stargater]This are not the offical yab homepage and you are not the owner of yab!
    Why do not ask us! You used Logo and name!

    MFG stargater[/quote]

    Wow, I’m not sure how to respond.

    Nobody is arguing that team maui didn’t have a major roll in bringing us yab, but yab is open source and not owned by anybody in particular. There is no trademart notification attatched to the name, and the logo graphics was designed ( and attributed to) BeSly,

    You point to two dead websites, one having a link to a source repository that hasn’t been touched in eight years as the official home for yab. Let’s face it, the websites you point out seem to point to a project and team that are non-existant except for these internet remnants.

    The sites I posted link to an active source repo that has recent changes by me and Jan Bungeroth, one of the original yab devs, and is used for yab and yab-IDE .hpkg sources. It was desided to move the archive here from the haikuarchives repo to insure that people who care about yab are in control of the repo and changes. The recent changes bring new features to yab and flesh-out old ones.

    Nobody is trying to steal the code or the glory of preveous contributers, just bring some life back to a project that seemed to be dead and lifeless.


    We are not dead! I think you are a bad boy, so i hope you can good sleep.
    Understanding open source and the big idear behind, you dont understand.


    You aren’y dead, I get that. When was the last time you contributed to yab? Did you help get yab to install and run from an .hpkg file? When was the last time you helped add features and fix bugs?

    This is the nice thing about open source. Even though the project withers on the vine, the source is available, and as long as one follows the license he can pick-up and resume development.

    What would you have me do? I have made my best effort to work within the yab community and work to enhance / promote yab. I find it to be the best programming environment for beginner and advanced ptogrammers alike to get stuff done.

    Should I take all the websites down and ask haiku to remove the yab and yab-IDE packages from haikuports and haikudepot? I don’t think this is good for haiku or yab.


    Now remove the yab logo and dont name your site official website.

    I am happy to know that anyone make something on yab.

    Du hast recht mit deiner Bemerkung, aber bedenke das ohne bbjimmy derzeit keine lauffähige yab Version für Haiku nightlys erhältlich wäre. Durch die Verzeichnisänderungen durch das Packet Management System ist yab 1.7 nicht mehr lauffähig.

    Grüße Jan von mir falls Du ihn siehst

    I have add the documentation in BeSly style and update the yab commands too:


    Bedenke das ohne jan und meiner einer, aktuell kein yab mit buildfactory gegeben hätte, den code hatten jan neu geschrieben. Nur schade das es nun immer noch keine ggc4 und x86_64 yab version gibt.

    Und der bbjimmy, ist bestenfalls ein Pakete Bauer, was ok ist aber wir sind die Entwickler und kreative Denker hinter yab. Aber vermutlich will man yab spalten oder was? warum gibt es so viele github quellen für yab, ahh die Amis haben sie nicht alles, was für eine Zeit, da bekommt man richtig Lust an Haiku. Aber naja Schluss mit dem flames, vermutlich ist die Haiku Community nicht mehr das was es war oder sein könnte, schade.

    Zumal immer noch nichts von uns auf seiner Seite steht, auch wenn er das Logo nun nicht mehr Zeigt, sieht es immer noch so aus als hätte er es gemacht, keine link oder Erwähnung von uns!
    Wie traurig ist das denn! So funktioniert Open Source? Wir haben immer zb yabasic erwähnt das yab darauf basiert und auch mit dem Entwickler per Mail unsere Absichten berichtet und es war immer nachvollziehbar wer yabasic gemacht hat.

    Aber wir sind auch gute Menschen, wie ich immer sage, der der gut ist macht gutes.
    Ich bin erstmal raus, nun soll die Community sich mal positionieren aber wahrscheinlich wird man das vorgehen von bbjimmy tolerieren und ihn nicht zurecht weisen.


    Hallo meine deutschen Freunde . Ich entschuldige mich für einen Computer verwenden Übersetzer , aber mein Deutsch ist nicht gut genug, um über komplexe Dinge wie Technologie sprechen. In Ordnung, ich werde gestehen. Mein Deutsch ist nur gut genug, um zu fragen : "Wo ist mein Gepäck , ich muß es verloren , bitte helfen Sie mir , um meine Sachen zu finden. " Das ist, was mir geholfen, die in der Vergangenheit , als ich eine dumme Touristen in Deutschland.

    Es wurde gefragt, warum es mehr als eine Version von Yab auf Github ?

    Der Code in ist nur zum Zwecke der Archivierung des Codes und zur Festsetzung der Körperbau (Maintenance ), falls erforderlich . Dies wird unter Punkt 2 der Artistic License erlaubt.

    Die Gabel , die von Bbjimmy ( ) ins Leben gerufen wurde, ist , unabhängig von der Haiku Archiv Repository , weil seine Änderungen nicht mit den Bedingungen des Satzes 2 Artistic License entsprechen.