Resuming "Run Installer" after "Desktop (Live-CD)" session

We created a USB flash drive installer for Haiku. We had to activate the safe mode options for safe mode and the graphics driver, but after that we got the “Welcome to Haiku!” dialog box. We clicked on the “Desktop (Live-CD)” button first, to try it out before installing it. After that, booting from the USB stick goes directly to the Live-CD desktop, and we can’t get back to the installer. Is there a special trick, or should we reburn the USB installer?

You will need to click on the leaf in the top right corner, which will open a menu. Hover over “Applications” and in that menu, there should be an entry called “Installer”.

Thank you, CodeforEvolution! I suspected that there would be some menu option like that, but I overlooked it. We now have installed Haiku to disk and have it set up in the grub menu.