Restoring older boot state (permanently)

my last update (via haikus updater application) failed again. my thinkpad is surviving the boot process, but then the pointer freezes. i managed to get back to the surface via an older “boot state”.
is it possible to restore this state permanently? i had found an older script that should serve this purpose, but unfortunately it does not work.

thank you

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Press space during boot and change to an older state, iirc

That isn’t permanent though, that’s a temporary boot setting through the boot manager…

IIRC you can use the command line tool pkgman to “update” to a previous revision. This is not exactly reverting to a previous state, but it will allow to reinstall an older version of the haiku package.

Also, please take the time to try various revisions, pinpoint the exact one that break things for you, and make a bugreport. This will help a lot in fixing the problem, and we’re due for a beta soon.

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yes, this is my problem. i’m looking for a permanent solution …

thank you! i’m going to test the pkgman tonight and make a report.

Have a look at the “Downgrading” part of this guide.


i just do not have luck: i tried the downgrade and i think the solution is clever, but rather impractical (for mortal people like me). with the countless questions, for which dependencies i would like to decide, i could have also thrown dice. for example, many package-versions did not match the nightly that I had previously defined as destination?
finally, i ended up not with the older nightly build, which I had downgraded to. (i’m also still not sure how the boot states work in detail and where, which files are moved or edited?)
in my distress, i decided on a rather old backup, but this seems to have been disrupted. now welcomes me a »NO OS« message and also the usual little helpers such as bootmanager and mbr could not save me. so: new installation from scratch.
at least i have learned one thing: backups (at least) before every update :slight_smile:


Did you do a pkgman full-sync as the guide recommends? This will also downgrade packages, whereas a pkgman update will only update them.

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yes, i followed the guide exactly.
but the command adding of “haikuports” repo failed, too.

Hmm. The by_hrev at stops at hrev51619. I suspect yours is a later hrev? Time for a ticket…

… ok, then we found the bug. i had a later hrev indeed.