Restoring an old haiku backup

I have an old backup file of haiku android app. How to restore it?

If you’re talking about a poetry app, this forum is about an operating system called Haiku.


Thank you for replying. I have a chats backup from haiku installed on my daughter’s mobile. The mobile no was lost. We have certain important information in that backup vital for my daughter. Later we tried with new mobile numbers but unsuccessful. If there is any way to restore the backup and to find the content will be of great help to us.

Ahoy @kompellass ,

Seems you are still in some misunderstanding – after clarification answer from our member : SamuraiCrow – related to this forum - or we don’t understand what you want … but I doubt strongly after your second post here that you wrote some haiku installed onto a mobile !

This forum is about Haiku PC OS - aka operating system -
which operates personal computers
not mobile phones.

It is not a chat application but really an operating system - so it is something like Android itself but for PCs - so once again this is not a chat application.

It has no relation some Android chat application which might also been called as ‘haiku’ or ‘Haiku’…

You must look for assistance for that app in Google’s app store :Google Play store …
to find first the affected app - and there
its developers or a support contact to get help.

Kind regards,