[RESOLVED] Mediatek MT7921 Wireless adapter issues

Hello there,

I have recently decided that i wanted a Hard install of Haiku, so I did.

But i do have an issue, I can’t get the wifi to work.

I have a b550m-a Wifi II motherboard with a ryzen 7 5800x. The included Wireless adapter is a Mediatek MT7921.

The Wireless Workshop said that any modern adapter should work but it’s not my case, and the script to get wifi drivers doesn’t cover mediatek.

When i do the ifconfig command, only the Ethernet adapter shows up, same if I navigate into /dev/net.

Furthermore when I do the listdev command, the MT7921 does show up as a Wireless Network Adapter.

I can’t find any info on internet for a possible Haiku driver for the MT7921, so this is why i came here to get help.

I hope someone in the community will have the answers i’m searching for.

Thanks in advance, and all have a great day,


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There’s no compatible driver available for Haiku yet.
Haiku uses Wifi drivers from both the FreeBSD and OpenBSD projects.
On the FreeBSD forums,someone is talking about their plan to write a driver for exactly that chipset,signalling that it doesn’t exist yet: MediaTek MT7921 Wireless LAN driver | The FreeBSD Forums
For OpenBSD I found this page that lists supported Wifi chipsets,and there’s no Mediatek one among them: Wireless | OpenBSD Handbook

That is quite the goal. But I do hope that lad manages to write such a driver.

So I reckon we just need to wait, and in the meantime i should invest in a simple usb wifi dongle.

By the way do you know of any compatible usb dongle I could buy?

USB wifi dongles that use Realtek chipsets are known to work best.
Unfortunately it’s sometimes difficult to find out which chipset a dongle uses.
I have multiple dongles from Hama which work great for me (two different revisions).
You can get them here: https://www.mediamarkt.de/de/product/_hama-n150-wlan-usb-stick-108483611.html
The pictures show that it’s again a newer revision than what I have,so it’s not 100% guaranteed that it still works,but I don’t expect major differences compared to mine.

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The thing is Mediatek bought Ralink few years ago. But, in this domain, chips are quickly outdated, the odd that some devices might have been re-branded and could work with Ralink drivers are quite low.

@LordePanda: Until you find a working adapter… maybe you have a smartphone/tablet that you can use (connected via USB tethering)?

Sadly i’m not able to do that, mobile reception is quite bad where I live, and I don’t know how to passthrough my iPhones wifi connexion to the computer via it’s charging/data cable.

Anyway, I’m gonna set this topic as Resolved since i got answers. They are not the best answers but I now have insights on the situation and can only wait that a driver is written, while also ordering a wireless usb dongle.

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