Report of BeGeistert 031 in Hamburg | Haiku Project

When I arrived on Thursday afternoon, Kacper and Adam were already there, together with our two hosts and organisers Christian and Lorenz. Adrien and Olivier arrived a bit later that evening. On Friday Axel made it to Hamburg and on Saturday Stephan completed the set of Haiku regulars.

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Thanks for this nice Review of the BeGeistert in Hamburg.

My Mail does not went out, so i will write here my little report i have done on the Event.

First thank to all giving lorglas and my self the chance to organisate this Event.

I am working with some help of Adam and lorglas on image magick add-ons to manipulate images using the add-ons menu.
I also working on my yabIDE 'yab concept creator ’ and on my ‘HPKGCreator’.
But the most time i am sending trying WonderBrush and Icon-o-matic. With much help by humdinger and stippi i Lear very much about this programs. I will take this education to create some useful tutorials now.

Regards lelldorin

I am interested in the changes made to yab and have been attempting to contact Lorglas to get the sources to merge with the main yab git repo without luck. I see yab 1.7.6 on , but it breaks some drawing functions.

With the source code I may be able to end up with an updated working version of yab. I see a yab-1 git repo made by Lorglas, but it has the same code as the main yab repo.

Lorglas, please contace me.

Maybe try a PM, or at least call for @lorglas so he’ll get notified by the forum.