RepliShow - BTranslationUtils compile error

I am trying to compile RepliShow from

it gives an error:
/boot/home/projects/RepliShow/(Objects.RepliShow)/RepliView.o: In function RepliView::MessageReceived(BMessage *)': RepliView.cpp:(.text+0x479): undefined reference toBTranslationUtils::GetBitmap(char const *, BTranslatorRoster *)'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

RepliView.h contains:
#include <TranslationUtils.h>

the code in RepliView.cpp is:
fBitmap = BTranslationUtils::GetBitmap(path.Path());

looks perfect (for humble myself at least), fBitmap, path, all fine.

Where is the problem?



If you are compiling using make on the command line,

I think you need to add:

-lroot -lbe -ltranslation

Or if you are using BeIDE, then put that in the “More Linker Options” in the Project Settings menu.


Thanks for the reply! I am using Paladin and seems that even if I add your suggestion, it does not work.


I added it to my Makefile and now it compiles fine!

Image still does not show, which I do not understand, but it compiles at least.

Many thanks!

To do that in Paladin, go into the Project menu and click on Change System Libraries, scroll down, and check the box beside libtranslation.

Thank you! This worked!

What I tried earlier is that added extra linker options in Project Settings/Build