Reoccurring donations

I need to know how to stop my reoccurring donations to Haiku development. I have bugs that I have not been able to log for over 6mo because no one has been able to help fix my Trac account. I am not willing to offer my money to this project anymore.

I am happy, very happy, to report Ryan has been able to resolve my issue with Trac and I can now log in. I will log my bug(s) as soon as I can. A very big thanks to Ryan.


Hey DFergATL,

I’m really sorry for the lack of response. What email were you using when trying to contact us? I don’t see any obvious emails about trac accounts in our Haiku, Inc Gmail account.

Is your Trac account still messed up? We definitely don’t want to lose any bugs you have found.

I understand you canceling your subscription. Thanks so much for donating while you can and I’m sorry we disappointed you.

  • Ryan Leavengood

You have to stop your recurring donation yourself. But re your Trac account – if you had told someone active about this, we might’ve been able to help. What’s your account and email address? And what problem are you having logging in?


He has been telling everyone who would listen for the past 2 months.

I found the cancel subscription option on Paypal, thanks.


You have got to be kidding me!! I have been on the Haku IRC channel, more than once about this. That link above is not the only thread I have on this very message board asking for help with this exact problem. I have sent at least 7 emails to the “Contact Us” link and have not once gotten a reply. That, Mr. Waddlespalsh, is why I will no longer send my hard earned money to this project. You, as in Haiku, do not get to take my money each month and ignore me, then insult me.

While I am still happy with Haiku-OS, I also had to register a new account because of a lack of response when I tried to send messages asking for help regarding the website using the “Contact Us” link.

Someone is not on the ball.

Yes, until last week, the “contact us” messages were going to someone who has been M.I.A. for weeks. :frowning: They go to me now, sorry about that.

Also, I idle in the IRC channel 24/7 and I read every message, and I do try to reply to every one – however, you probably left before I had a chance to reply. Email probably is better…

Scratch that. Email is totally broken on Drupal altogether for the time being :confused: I’ll work on that, but in the meantime, shoot me an email (username)