Rename category "Ideas"

May I suggest renaming the category “Ideas” to “Ideas & Talk”?
Then it’d be also appropriate for general talk about Haiku, like reports from presentation of Haiku at events, magazines or in articles on the web, for example.

Currently “Uncategorized” has thousands of old posts that haven’t been categorized (yet?). I’d like to eventually see “Uncategorized” gone…


I like the concept of a “Talk” category. There will be some unavoidable overlap with the current “Blog-O-Sphere” on the Haiku site.

I think that “Talk” it should be a separate category and thus kept separated from “Ideas”.

With respect to the “Uncategorized” category, I performed a rapid survey of the first couple of hundreds of post. Many were hardware and/or installation issues. Other were about porting and/or software wishes. Some would fit nicely within “Ideas”.

I presume that the discuss tools allow to easily move a post to a more suited category?

I’d be OK with a separate Talk category, if people prefer that…

It’s easy, but as far as I can see you have to edit each single post. There are roughly 3,000 of those…


Or “discussion” and “talk” are not almost the same?

“Uncategorized” You can rename to “Miscellaneous”.

Uncategorized” is only a vestige of the import of the old forums. I’d appreciate if every post have a mandatory category. “Talk” would be a catch-all for things not fitting into the currently existing categories.


No matter how cleverly a list of categories can be thought, there will always be a few posts which do not (yet) fit into any of them. Normally, it would be only a few.

I presume that only the forum manager, who is also a developer, can create categories and re-shuffle posts into them? It is unfortunate that the sorting of the “Uncategorized” posts does not appear to have ever been performed even once - now the task appears to be an impossible one.