Removing Haiku bootloader from second drive

I have Windows 7 on SSD and I had Haiku on HDD.
I removed Haiku from HDD but bootloader is still available even when there’s no partition with Haiku.
Tried to install Ubuntu on the HDD but GRUB doesn’t work and only Haiku’s bootloader showed. I wanted choose “uninstall bootloader” from Haiku DVD but only “install” is available :C
(I decided to use Haiku within VM because my GTX660 getting hotter in “real desktop”)

                                              Can you help me? : >

The reason you can’t uninstall Haiku bootloader from BootManager via live cd is that you can only do that if you saved MBR prior installing it.

Reinstalling GRUB will overwrite Haiku bootloader. You can try to to that using Ubuntu live cd/usb.

I tried to overwrite by Ubuntu’s GRUB and still doesn’t work - only Haiku bootloader :C

What command did you use?

I used instalation with own partitioning, set “booting software” (or something like that) on HDD
then again grub-install. I’m not even good in Linux because I wanna start my adventure with that OS ;D

You have to repare your MBR with a tool from Seven :

  1. make sure your windows bootable volume is flagged "active"
  2. Boot windows in repair mode and run these 2 commandes
    bootrec /fixboot
    bootrec /fixmbr


Personally, if using Windows I just use the “disk management” software to initialize the drive.

Hum? Does Haiku’s drive initialization also wipe the MBR? I will test and report back.

If i understand well, pulka103 doesn’t want to initialize the disk, pulka103 wants to boot from an existing NTFS volume, again.

Haiku’s drive initialization install a MBR boot code only if the firsts sectors are previously set to zeros when you create an Intel Partition Table.

Opps, my mistake and poor reading skills.