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I can’t find a way to delete my account and I don’t want to block Haiku from my E-mail account.

I was very impressed with Haiku’s simplicity and speed and would have continued if I could both read and write between BeFS and Linux ext4 file systems so I could share data between the two distros.

I thank you all for being supportive and should file compatibility become a reality I will be back.

We can delete your account, but if it’s just about e-mail, you can also simply disable that in your settings, and keep the account in case you want to use it again in a few years. Let us know which way you prefer.

I think I’ve done that. Yes, I would like to use Haiku if the non-BeFs file writing problem is solved.

Thanks for all the assistance.

I had the impression we already had ext4 write support, but maybe I’m wrong.
As for BFS in Linux, nobody is working on it AFAIK. You wouldn’t be able to share your $HOME between the two OSes anyway if that’s what you wanted, many apps would just break due to different paths in settings files, at least.
For now the simplest way to share stuff is to have a separate data partition (ext4 maybe, or some others, I think we support reiser but only readonly, but you can also just use NTFS, which both Linux & Haiku can use). That way you avoid mounting your Linux partitions and risk loosing system data.

I am pretty certain that I have copied files from Haiku to external USB disk formatted with ext4 multiple times during last year. Haven’t done it recently so don’t know if there is any related regression.

Thank you for the suggestion. My objection to using NTFS is twofold. It’s proprietary and it’s a Microsoft product. I truly dislike Microsoft, some might say “hate”.

Thanks for the reply. I think that I would like more universal confirmation of writing to ext4, especially for large files. But to be fair I will try some large transfers between hard drives and report back.

Yes I despise Microsoft probably as much as you. Still, NTFS is one of the few actually quite good things they made. It even supports attributes (in two different ways : real extended attributes and alternative data streams), and even supports indexing IIRC.
The only problem is Microsoft never used those features. Go figure.

Surprise! I copied a 800MB file from Linux ext4 to Haiku BeFS and back again and a Linux file system check said it was acceptable. Of course this is not proof positive. It would be nice if some other users duplicated the process. But it encourages me to move on with Haiku. You can tell I am eager to move on as I tested it right away. I’ll be sure to keep frequent backups under Linux just in case.

Thanks for the encouragement.

As for BFS write access under Linux, I think this can be achieved through bfs-fuse (, for which there is apparently an old Ubuntu package (

I don’t know if that still works, not being much of a Linux user myself these days.

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Yes I have used bfs fuse in Linux recently and it works great, but I built it from source so can’t comment on that package

As I just remarked in another thread, I do not write from Haiku to a mounted Linux partition any more, because one such write completely destroyed the Linux! I do quite a bit of transferring between Haiku and ext4, but now it’s always strictly by reading into the running partition. Really not inconvenient.