Reminder: upgrading nightlies - getting "stuck"

There were some package changes recently which can prevent the upgraded Haiku packages from being activated.


  • I run pkgman update.
  • Haiku gets “upgraded” from 51248 to 51365.
  • Reboot.
  • Haiku still at 51174 per uname -a

This is a weird situation for a lot of users, however it is something that can happen (especially in Nightly images where things change rapidly)

What happened is activating the latest set of installed packages has silently failed. The package kit is transparently “rolling back” to the last activateable set of system packages.

The solution is easy however, a simple pkgman full-sync will resolve the issue. We need to work on communicating this state better to the end user as it can be pretty confusing.


Funny, when I tried that (pkgman full-sync)it kept telling me there was a problem, with this or that, and asked if I wanted to skip or quit a number of times, until I just quit.

When update stopped in Haiku I find out that repositories settings in Haiku Depot set to some particular version of Haiku, after changing that (reenabling general Haiku repositories) I was able to update system.

That it asks you what to do is expected.

What full-sync does (in top of a normal update) is allowing to uninstall some packages. In some cases, there are package name changes and the old package needs to be uninstalled, not just upgraded.

However, full-sync will make sure your packages all come from the repos you have enabled. If you have manually built packages, it will try to remove them. But then that may create unresolvable dependencies, etc. So it asks you how to solve these.

Anyway, there seem to be a real bug somewhere. If pkgman succeeds, then all dependencies are solved and the resulting system should boot (and old haiku packages be uninstalled). If pkgman says the update went ok, and still, you end up booting an older version, that’s a bug and should be fixed.

Normally in cases where full-sync is needed, pkgman update would tell you “nothing to do” or complain about a dependency it can’t solve.

Please submit a bug report.