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We recently moved our IRC channels from Freenode to OFTC. I almost forgot to register my IRC nickname at the new service, and having just done that, I take the opportunity to describe how that’s done for my fellow - maybe newbie - IRC user.

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Dear @humdinger,

I followed this blog post recently and applied commands in ChatZilla client

I found at least one typo in it

You wrote everywhere

/msg Nickserv indentify

instead of

/msg Nickserv identify

I had not recodnized the plus “n” for fist sight, so I blindly {Cut + Paste} it this way into the client window. Of course the server pinpointed that as unknown Nickserv command. :wink:

Nickserv indentify MyCensoredPassword
Nickserv Unknown command indentify, /msg NickServ HELP for help.
Nickserv HELP
Nickserv *** NickServ Help ***
Nickserv ACCESS: Maintains the nickname ACCESS list.
Nickserv AJOIN: Maintains the nickname auto join list.
Nickserv CERT: Maintains the nickname client certificate list.
Nickserv DROP: Releases your nickname for use.
Nickserv GROUP: Group a nickname to this primary nickname.
Nickserv HELP: Shows this help.
Nickserv IDENTIFY: Identify your nickname.
Nickserv INFO: Get information on a nickname.
Nickserv LINK: Link this nickname to a primary nickname.
Nickserv LIST: Shows a list of nicknames matching a specified pattern.
Nickserv RECLAIM: Release your nickname for you to use.
Nickserv REGAIN: Release your nickname for you to use.
Nickserv REGISTER: Registers a nickname for your usage.
Nickserv REVERIFY: Generates a new verification link.
Nickserv SENDPASS: Send a password reset request.
Nickserv SET: Set nickname properties.
Nickserv STATUS: Shows the identified status of a nickname
Nickserv *** End of NickServ Help ***

Unfortunately I just searched for the correct identify, so I had not recognized the mentioned checkverify option also does not exist … :slight_smile:
Maybe it was available earlier, but actually only REVERIFY exists - that is usable to recreate the verification link if we would miss the one hour availability of a verification link usage, that we get at first time as we registered our nick name - in the chat client window.

That link also makes unnecessary that step you wrote to login to OFTC site with registered nick name. Seems in the same year - in 2021 september - OFTC had decided and shutted down their webservices ( check
– I gave up on uploading a screenshot about it. The upload of a pic in png or jpg is a never ending story for me now.)

Possibly actually

/msg Nickserv status YourNickName

would be equal to that option you mentioned to check on everything is OK.

For me it gave back some strange stuff, but maybe it is quite normal.
Last time I used chat - with irc protocol - was in the last century - in the end of '90s-, so might be if I connected to a server I can be – at least my registered nick status – not online as well :smiley:

Nickserv status
Nickserv Too few parameters. Expected at least 1. Got 0.
Nickserv *** STATUS Help ***
Nickserv Usage: STATUS nick
Nickserv Shows the identified status of a nickname, determining if they were identified
Nickserv via password, access list, SSL cert or otherwise.
Nickserv *** End of STATUS Help ***
Nickserv status KisunePrefecture
Nickserv 0 (not online)

Back to differences …

Of course, I take a chance when you wrote your original description howto … those were correct - except the typo - so development of OFTC team made this description not fully right anymore.

I just shared with you this update to be able to fix your typo in your post and add a supplemental to it to avoid such event in the future for a newbie – I got in actually
– who would also follow your description with your otherwise very useful hints and tips.

Thanks for the corrections. I updated the blog post, hope I got everything right. It may take a bit for the update to hit the website…

Thank you for your service as well :slight_smile: