Regarding Beta 5

When do tou think it’ll come out?

When all critical bugs for Beta 5 have been fixed and when the devs think there are enough changes that it’s worth a new beta.
You can check the open bugs here: Custom Query – Haiku
As the release of Beta 4 was not even a full year ago,I think that it will take at least some months for Beta 5 to arrive.

Tuesday maybe?

We haven’t started cutting the release yet. I’d guess a couple of months still.

We don’t have a fixed schedule

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Well this part not fully right - some handful of those used to remain and recategorized under next beta version - as them to be resolved requires more effort or time required AS IF the decision about new beta release already done


Yepp - finally that’s it. They are right, basically it worths to install a new beta who use the Haiku as daily driver and wants reliability and stable new features/softwares.
Until then you can have always the up-to-date Haiku if you take risks – installing nightly.
This way you can reduce the needless of ticking feelings of new releases from outside world.
I agree some people wants periodic new releases they used to be expected as familiar stuff from Ubuntu and its derivatives in open source world.
Well, personally I would say new Haiku Beta releases would be more awaited if some target/goal would be named and worked on, but this way is also fun.
For Beta5 until now I’ve red more bugfixes than inventions, but it can come from that I do not use actually the softwares those GSOC students or most of developers work on.
For Beta4 the big hits were
networking availability and stability
concluded in all efforts of developers. That was accelerated to be released in new beta – thanks to several portings of drivers, new layers, and sotwares and developing tcp/ip itself. Nowadays they must be very hobbyist and fan of a device/software if finds a computer/application to useful/good without reliable access of the net (and its services).
So access and widely usable browser is a must.
Of course, if I think better or more deeply, Beta5 maybe - besides many bugfixes - will be Big Hit for developers actually … not for end users.
Also many forum posts about several developments these days…
Italian group created a ‘native’ Haiku IDE - development environment
One people write a software that would finally use more seriously the BFS filesystem’s database-like capability with searching / indexing file attributes- this way storing data and their connection among them (all regular daily things like books, recipes, etc. not rocket science)
Developers dispute on new drivers’ design how and what extent they use the same file attributes in driver tree build/ driver registration and so on.
GSOC2023 .NET development porting – also for devs primarily.
When someone browse the HaikuDepot they can find many SW ported that just do nothing that enables much more games to run emulated. Ok mostly for 8-bit home computers and 16-bit stuff and consoles but way more than other like general virtual machines. Just right now a so called uxn appeared as ported to Haiku. You can write small size condensed apps in an assembly - like language. So Beta5 might be for devs mostly.
Except if one another platform image those under development - Risc-V, ARM - can completed to supported level. WOW, that would be really big hit !

So, dear @AetherealMeowstic
think about words of Gandalf what he said about arriving of wizards, and you have the quite right answer - in this case too. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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