Refraction, PixelShop, and Wonderbrush (Zeta) question

I still use Zeta 1.5 as one of my daily drivers, I have always wanted to use Wonderbrush, Refraction and PixelShop in their full usefulness (not in demo mode). I know its late in the game…I know it is not possible to buy licenses from their stated vendors any more.

I know Wonderbrush in Haiku has been unlocked and runs great when I use it as I am checking and testing various capabilities of software and Haiku.

Is there a way to pay for activation/product keys for them so I can use them in Zeta OS–I do not mind donating money to get them or just pay the author for them?

No, it is not possible, because there is no server of yellowtab anymore.

PixelShop? You mean Pixel32 iirc

He already have Zeta, he want to buy the programs for it.

I know, but there is no server around to active Software for it. He can buy them using eBay.

Was online activation a thing for the Zeta programs back then? I can’t recall it, but i have some dubts.

WonderBrush is open-sourced, you can try to compile it for Zeta.

Probably the current code uses some Haiku specific APIs. You could however contact stippi at Yellowbytes and see if they still can offer licenses. Their website is here: YellowBites - WonderBrush but the links to buy licenses are dead.

For Pixel32, the author’s website says it is now owned by a Globell B.V. company, for which I cannot find any website:

As for Refraction, we had attempted a crowdfunding campaign to get it opensourced, but it reached nowhere near the 10000€ that the author wanted to do it: Open-sourcing Refraction image editor

Pixel32 was written in Object Pascal, so I guess even if it was open, it wouldn’t be all that easy to get it working on Haiku. Pavel had his own UI framework IIRC, but it might have just been rendered in a BWindow.

It uses SDL. I know because to run it on Haiku, I had to replace the bundled with a newer version. It was running without too much problems on Haiku after doing that.

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Yeah, I remember when he was porting it in the 2000’s. He made the first FreePascal port to BeOS. I couldn’t remember how the UI was rendered, but I thought I remembered it wasn’t using native UI elements.

If I remember correctly, I think Pixel32 was sold/licensed to Magnussoft and it was bundled with Zeta 1.21 as PixelShop (as shown in its banner and as a demo).

I should have bought them back then and I would have the product keys for them today. But I was college student mired in a master’s program–living pay check to pay check back then.

In my last year there, Magnussoft pulled ZetaOS off the market and I could not order anything after that happened.

If I could get the activation codes or the product keys, I would be golden! I know the odds are against me of finding anyone who is willing to sell their software.

eBay and Esty would make sense but I cannot locate any ZetaOS related software–I look every week. I have been looking for copies of Zeta 1.21 & 1.5, GoBe Productive Pro, Robin Hood, Civ CTP, & Corum III to replace the copies I once possessed but some of my household goods were lost during transport coming home from overseas.

Thanks for the info!