Recommended refurbished laptop for Haiku

I have replaced my old T440S with a T480S Thinkpad and an extremely limited test shows good compatibility so far:

  • UEFI boot current nightly: OK
  • Display: native resolution
  • WLAN seems to be working (lists the nearby APs but didn’t had time to join to any)
  • Sound output works, jack sensing not tested
  • speed is reasonable

HW specs:

  • Intel i7 8650U CPU (8M Cache, 1.90 Ghz up to 4.20 GHz) 4C8T
  • 16Gb DDR4 RAM
  • 256Gb SSD
  • Intel UHD 620 GPU
  • 14" (1920x1080) FHD IPS display
  • 2 x USB3 port
  • 1 x USB-C port
  • HDMI
  • Ethernet port

Will give more feedback after an extensive test.


Very interesting to see that newer laptops also work with Haiku.
Looking forward to seeing your complete test results.

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In general i have good experiences with thinkpads (t430s, t431, t460s, x220,x230) with intel graphics.
The t431 display did not work in the past, but beta4 is great.

HDMI sound likely will not work due to missing driver!?

Audio via HDMI is generally unsupported on every hardware for now, therefore i don’t feel the need to add it everywhere, also i don’t use that at all, but thanks for pointing out.

If you need audio over HDMI probably you can get it work via HDMI audio embedder/inserter hardware (it combines video signal with audio from 3.5 jack or other input).

Test results:

  • Audio out works (speakers and 3,5 out aswell, jack-sensing works too)
  • Audio in: no input device detected
  • wlan connection: OK, speedtest shows 200+ Mbps
  • NVME disk: works
  • Battery status: works

i7-8650 is terribly fast (i have disabled SMT/hyperthreading) and use only the physical cores, but it is still really fast.


what do you call refurbished?? in polish mean poleasingowy

Was there a problem with those?

There wasnt any issue, but Theo recommended to disable it: 'Disable SMT/Hyperthreading in all Intel BIOSes' - MARC

The “refurbished” word used as synonym for (professionally restored, cleaned) “second hand” or “used” computer.

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A second SSD is possible using a 2242 NVME B-Key / B+M-key SSD in the WWAN port.
M-Key SSD’s aren’t compatible.

You can cut a 2280’ SSD in half, if necessary.

They have different constraints than us. This makes sense when you want to secure apps from stealing each other’s data, but in Haiku, you have a lot more ways that would allow to do that without needing to go down as far as the CPU level. Starting with the fact that all apps run as root and have access to everything anyways.

So, that advice is valid where you would also use OpenBSD and do secure things, but on Haiku, not really?

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I do use OpenBSD and it is easier for me to use the SMT killswitch in the bios/uefi firmware which disables it everywhere.

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Like this:

Please add your hardware infos to the hardware list forum parts:

Even the SD-card reader is working (it is attached via USB)
I have frankly no idea why the manufacturers insisting using pci based card readers in other laptops. PRobabyl cheaper than the usb ones?

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what about the trackpad (touch, left and right click, scroll)?

TrackPoint (the red stuff) : works
TrackPoint buttons (the physical buttons above the touchpad): works
Touchpad : works, albeit it is recognized as a PS2 mouse, so no scroll and no touch sensitivity options in the preferences.
Physical right and left mouse buttons integrated in the bottom section of the touchpad (you have to press the touchpad and it clicks): works ok.
Tap and double-tap (tap lock to move windows or to select text): works
Brightness: hotkeys not working, but the slider is available in the Screen preference panel and it works, eg. it is possible to bind a keyboard shorcut to it using the Shortcut application.
Volume shortcuts: works
LAN/WLAN: works, albeit wlan doesn’t connects automatically.
Battery status: works
Main NVME and NVME in the WWAN port: works.


Almost forgot: i made all my tests with UEFI boot with CSM disabled, booted via Refind. reports over 200megabit speed, therefore it is using 802.11ac speeds.