Recommended projects

OK. I’m now getting tired of all the problems with SETI@home lately (the lack of work currently and the past hardware problems). I am considering switching to one or more other projects. I am currently running depspid on 2 of my machines.

What are the other recommended projects?

PS> I was looking into Eternity II but it doesn’t look like it’s available in Canada and the US ToysRUS site doesn’t appear to ship cross-border since they have :frowning:

Basically, any of the project that benefit our DC-Vault ranking are preferred - especially in physical science and biological/medical areas - see here:

The ones where our score is below 8000pts are good candidates.

From Physical Science I would recommend Einstein@Home, QMC, or Spinhenge - I’m currently working on Leiden and uFluids to see if we can get them up over the 9000pt boundary.

From Biological/Medical I would recommend Proteins@home, Rosetta@Home, SIMAP, or TANPAKU - we really need help on World Community Grid (which has both a BOINC and non-BOINC client), but it’s a large project, so making real progress here will take a while. Lately SIMAP doesn’t have work very often - so you can maybe add it alongside something else.

With BOINC projects, it is a good idea to assign a couple to each machine so that if one is down, or lacking in work, another project will get the CPU attention in the meantime. You can use an Account Manager (such as to manipulate the projects/resources assigned to each machine in your “farm” - this allows you to change projects and what-not without physically accessing each machine if desired.

I could run some project from a decent machine at work. Only, I don’t have internet access there… :frowning:
Is there any project that allows for good old sneaker-network, i.e. transporting workunits to/from the isolated machine by usb-stick. Preferably projects whose workunits are large enough for a few days of crunching.


Thanks again Urias. I was speaking with Haicube on IRC last night and I decided to join ClimatePrediction, Riesel Sieve, and Rectilinear Crossing.

I am also going to join Rosetta and World Community Grid eventually. I was going to last night but both sites were down for maintenance.

Climate Prediction is not one I generally recommend unless your machine is doing nothing else for the next 4 months… yes it takes that long.

Riesel Sieve and Rectilinear crossing are good, but our Math progress is already pretty damn good - I feel we need to round out our Physical and Medical projects a bit more to match our upcoming competition on DC-Vault.

The sieving and PRP/LLR projects are the best for this - PRP/LLR includes Seventeen or Bust (which is a little challenging to sneakernet, btw - unless you use sbqueue or something), or the PSP/Riesel LLR projects. Sieving projects include the SoB/PSP Sieve (combined now - see the Seventeen or bust forums) - or the Riesel sieve. We have a lot of room for catchup on the sieving and LLR projects…

Thanks Urias, I’ll have a look…

Let me put emphasis on sieving as a better choice.

It’s actually pretty easy to setup, and exceptionally easy to sneakernet - since it’s just a text file - you just copy/paste the contents into webpage forms to submit your results… doesn’t get much easier than that :D.

Unfortunately sieving requires a bit of manual setup (which I’d be happy to help you with - I used sobistrator and rieselator to manage it myself) - but any sneakernetted results are going to require some amount of manual processing anyway.