Recent Web+ browser issue - cookie / login credentials

Hi there,

I would like to know is there someone who experienced some similar lately ?..

I experienced login credentials issues in Webpositive that arises recently. First I suspected Haiku services only - especially when I saw forum post about internal error 500 experienced about Haiku package server connection.

I experienced that I constantly loose logged in status - recently - however I had never logged out. I used to leave logged in in Webpositive in all services.
No problemo, basically, just inconvenience to always relogin, BUT
actually it fails - I mean the relogin - as well.

My login credentials even added well into the input fields, login button clicking results into a warning message about
“Seems your browser settings blocks cookies - you should enable cookies” or similar. It was strange … I had not got any message with such problem until now.
Restart Web+ does not resolve the issue but only full reboot. It is not inconvenience it’s frustrating.
After reboot and relogin meanwhile I’ve spent hours logged in and later looking back to Web+ I get logged out from Haiku related services and Google account as well.
I updated packages on 1st of August last time, but one and only suspicious for me ‘libg2_x86’ – as it is a library and might used by Webpositive – the other packages are for multimedia or apps not related to Webpositive.


I am not sure this package related to Web+ anyhow and this issue affects anyone else.

Seems cookie storage wiped out - no cookies for forum site for example. This way it is not enough to restart Web+ … I must reboot to resolve - however connection beyond intuition is not clear HOW relates.

Anyway -
I just wanted to ask about it the community. As you can see I’m on 32bit Haiku R1 Beta 4

hrev56578+87 Jul 3 2023 06:45: BePC x86 Haiku

Long live and prosper !

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I would be surprised if it was coming from glib as Web+ doesn’t use it AFAIK. From this list, there’s nothing that should break Web+. It probably happened sooner… If you kept some older states, perhaps can you find one where it works. It would help to know when it starts to happen.
Anyway, that’s a regression and you should open a ticket.

Please open a ticket at

I will do so, as I can catch problem and Web+ message again.
Recently I rebooted the system without trying to relogin. The reboot itself was required for newly installed packages, not because this login stuff, however I missed this chance to create screenshots about the result of event itself.