Reaper Digital Audio Software

Hello there, I am a sometime BeOS user and music producer/recording engineer.

Recently, Reaper, a Digital Audio Workstation suite, has been making waves amongst pro-audio engineers. Many are talking of switching from one of the flagship industry-standard audio packages in the near future.

At the moment, Reaper is Windows only, with OSX to follow soon.

It seems to me from my limited knowledge of Haiku, that Reaper could be a great application for the “new media OS”.

Would it be worth someone from Haiku contacting the Reaper developers? I for one think it could be very promising, and I urge you to take a look.

Kind regards.

Well, seems that this kind of problem is very common here (check this, this other and mine)
and not only (here) and here @Ardour), but at the moment this request is almost unattended.

BTW, after some intense discussions, NASPRO project is born: it will be "a free, modular real-time capable, thread-safe, scalable, standard-agnostic, cross-platform DSP framework aimed at becoming a powerful and reusable sound processing engine.

It will be made of a core library, named NASPRO core, containing features needed by the rest of the framework such as thread-synchonization mechanisms, an OS abstraction layer, error handling, message reporting, etc; then there will be a set of different libraries, modules, and maybe applications, each facing a single aspect of sound processing.

At the moment the only library planned, obviously after the core one, is the NASPRO objects library. This will handle the purely functional part of processing objects in a very generalistic and modular fashion, so that these can not only be regualar processing plugins in different formats (such as LADSPA, DSSI, LV2, VST, AudioUnits, etc.) but also everything else (un)useful for sound processing (mathematical formulas, circuits, neural networks, random data, etc.)

At least one collection of modules for the NASPRO objects library will be released as well, containing all the code needed to make different classes of already-existent plugins work."

Official website

Well, actually seems the best approach to have (when will be released) a multiplatform open source multitrack recording/editing software.

UPDATE: for those, like InactiveX, who are looking for a multiplatform DAW, here’s the Traverso website:

I hope to see an Haiku port soon…

Marco Ravich

Forward Agency

In progress we (always) trust.

Seems that the NASPRO project is evolving faster than forecasts:

Updates on NASPRO core development
I’ve completed the message reporting subsystem, which was the last “basic” component to complete the low level “programming environment” for NASPRO, and now I am putting together all of the pieces in order to have a clear, well-behaving and integrated API.

So I will commit the last changes when this work is completed and later update the design papers, since there are a lot of changes. I guess it will take a week or two and, when it’s done, the NASPRO core library will be more or less 80% completed (the missing parts for the first release are dynamic linking and filesystem inteaction, which are higher level and probably easier to handle).

Though this kind of work is heavy (for the brain), frustrating and is probably not interesting at all to end users (nothing that can be actually “seen”), I’m quite excited an happy about it the same. That’s because I’m finally testing such building blocks against each other and in external tests, and I have to say that the resulting environment, though not complete nor optimized, is already extremely sane, easy (once understood), sensitive, not resource hungry and quite fast as well. I would say that in some aspects it is already better than most similar tools around (otherwise I wouldn’t have developed it :-).

Comments (on NASPRO website, of course) apreciated.