Realtek RTL8821CE PCIe Wireless Network Adapter driver

I’m using Haiku hrev54503 and the Devices application reports the following Wifi hardware:

Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd.
RTL8821CE PCIe Wireless Network Adapter

Would it be expected that this hardware should work with the version of Haiku that I’m using?

If not, then what would it take to get it to work?

From a quick websearch, it appears FreeBSD doesn’t yet support this wifi adapter. As Haiku uses FreeBSD drivers through a compatibility layer, it doesn’t work here either.

Can you tell me more or give me some reference documentation so that I can better understand how Haiku uses FreeBSD drivers?

What do you want to know? We copy the sourcecode from FreeBSD and there is a compatibility layer allowing to compile the same drivers for Haiku. We do this for all wifi cards and several wired ones.

When we fix bugs in these drivers we send our changes back to FreeBSD.

Maybe you could point me to the code files in Haiku where I can see this. And some links to where this code is obtained from the FreeBSD codebase?

Just a guess, but:

There appears to be a folder for each driver here and in addition to the driver source, there is also a ‘glue.c’ that appears to do some driver specific handling. That “glue” file refers to some other compatibility stuff coming from elsewhere.