Really odd issue with FuseSMB - can someone help!?

Hi there…

I think I’ve found a bug in either the shell of Haiku or the implementation of FuseSMB; if you see the attached screenshot, while no servers appear inside the “/SMB Network” window, the popup does actually show the correct contents and allows me to browse the share.

Any idea where the bug could be? I am thinking perhaps Haiku’s tracker/file system browser?!

Someone said this started happening after the changes to the user-clonable areas – which is really weird, as those should cause a KDL if they are the issue here. (Unless everyone using FuseSMB so far has been on beta1, in which case it won’t KDL?) It doesn’t make a lot of sense to me, indeed.

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Who is not using Pi as NAS + Torrent box pls rise her hand :wink:

wow your one off better than me, i cant even populate the folder with my shares, i can however see them in the structure, but they are never accesable… pretty broken if you ask me…



this started happening after the changes to the user-clonable areas

hrev52346 work fine

“General system error” when trying to access files…

… oh. I see what’s going on. Fix incoming.

@dwt, @Vanne, @kim1963, this should be fixed in hrev52548. Sorry about that.


Thank you very much, sir!

Oh thats why I also see no mounts at all on Beta1/52295+104 ?

cool, thx :smiley: though still broken for me. (running 64 bit here)

I am afraid it is only available on the nightly build…

You should check the facts before you starting to be afraid.

Yes, but beta1 updates weren’t pushed yet, though of course that commit will be in them when they are. Should happen in the next few days.


Great! Will test it again once the update is here.

Looks like it’s working now. Thank you!

For whatever reason my shares from my Synology DiskStation doesn’t show up. It is just empty. I do run the latest Beta Updates and I can access the DiskStation via smbclient from terminal. Anyone has some ideas?

Hello Base,
I have the same settings (German) and a Synology DiskStation too but with the actual Beta update on 64bit this bug is gone for me (had it some weeks ago).

Do you know FtpPositiv? You can download it from HaikuDepot and try if you get a connection to your Diskstation there! If not you should check your router settings? Here is mine (but I am not an expert!):

I checked it and indeed the bug is gone and the missing folders back!
Working in Haiku Beta 1 now! Yeah…

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