Re-labelling on the "Software Sites" page

Just a suggestion, boys & girls.

Might be a good idea if those software repos on the “Software Sites” page which are 32-bit ONLY were to be clearly marked as such. E.g., FatElk’s repo is clearly labelled as 32-bit only when you get there, but you aren’t aware of that before you’ve followed the link.

Just trying to help out with suggestions to make life easier for those in the community who are NOT very computer-savvy…!

Mike. :wink:

you must have missed this page:

The link on Software Sites page leads to 32 bit repo indeed. It would be better if the link was leading to your main page.

I made the change. I suspect there used to be just the 32bit repo that we linked to directly…

@ bbjimmy:-

A-ha. Thanks for the link; I’m only just starting to get into Haiku after trying to for years. Dang thing wouldn’t work with my old hardware…always used to freak out with a kernel panic before even getting as far as the desktop.

I suspect, however, that not only is my new HP desktop helping, but in the intervening period Haiku has had time to further mature.

Again…cheers for the link. And thanks for taking notice of an enthusiastic noob to Haiku, guys!

Mike. :wink: