Razer Taipan

I am having here a Razer Taipan mouse which is not recognized under Haiku. My old Logitech MX300 works fine. Any idea for bug hunting?

Razer mice don’t work like standard HID mice, even on Linux so you probably would need to implement or modifiy the driver on Haiku to support them. There are also reports of them being unstable and crashing the USB driver on Linux so… not supprised that it doesnt’ work. I think all the open source configuration support for them on Linux is reverse engineered (though it is decent).

I see, I didn’t know that, thank you.

Razer has an open sourced driver on girhub for its products.
If you want to start programming on Haiku, you can try porting it. I know this is a very difficult task to do, but worth trying.k


There, I guess?

Please submit a bugreport including “listusb -v” output for the mouse as well as the HID remort (found in /tmp when the device is connected).

A quick look at github code seems to confirm that, indeed, razer USB device uses a proprietary protocol to to mux data exchange between host and razer devices in order to decrease latency I guess.


I created a ticket with the requested files https://dev.haiku-os.org/ticket/14704