Random thoughts on current haiku gui

There are some things that bothered me on original Beos and on many other OS’ too.
These are small things but i write them down here and maybe if they bothered others too then they can be changed in Haiku…

Preferences - it’s too fragmented. It’s getting confusing, names are overlapping and deceptive. Mouse, keyboard and keymap - aren’t these all together ‘input devices’, ‘human interface devices’, ‘mouse & keyboard’ or something like that? Appearance, fonts, menu, sounds and backgrounds - aren’t they all together ‘gui’, ‘appearance’, ‘gui themes’ (if Haiku maybe gets theme support?) or ‘workspace’ ? Even screen and screensaver could maybe be grouped together?

Window controls. So i got my head around the fact that the half-length window-bars on windows are part of what makes the system what it is… And having only 2 buttons on it too. And maybe less is more in this case too…
Left-click on ‘close’-button (square) closes the window, but right-click minimises. Double left-clicking on window border rolls up the window so only the window-bar remains visible, double right-clicking could maybe set the window on-top (remain above all other windows) or sticky (show on all workspaces). Left-click on ‘resize’-button maximises the window or restores previous size, but right-click on it maximises/restores the window vertically only and middle-click does the same horizontally.

Ok, i got to go now, but i’m not done yet… ; P