Random compilation thread (ONScripter, pygame_sdl2)

First new program that I managed to compile is ONScripter. It’s a reimplementation of the NScripter engine used by a lot of visual novels:


To compile:

  1. Get the recipe here:

  2. Run “haikuporter onscripter” once, then get Makefile.Haiku here:

Put Makefile.Haiku in /boot/home/haikuports/game-engines/onscripter/work-20180409/sources/onscripter-20180409/

  1. Run “haikuporter onscripter” again. It should compile without errors and give you a .hpkg.

To play, copy over the onscripter executable into the installed game’s folder. Open Terminal, “cd” into the folder and run “onscripter”.

Here’s a demo of Operation Sanctuary shown above (18+ warning):

Second program that I managed to compile is pygame_sdl2. This is needed for Ren’Py.

Recipe: https://pastebin.com/raw/rLJ7c737

The recipe seems to work perfectly. Only thing wrong is that it’s missing the Zlib license. I couldn’t find any information about mentioning multiple licenses in one recipe.


Do not post binaries here. Create recipes and let them built by the buildbots or create a ticket for them at github.

I don’t know how to use Github or how to make recipes. Binary removed though.

Also, I’m not sure how a package would work because the user is expected to put the “onscripter” executable in the same folder as the game.

you can learn here, with the recipes it is more optimal :slight_smile: great work and thanks.

You could see if some of the missing libraries are available for Haiku with pkgman:
“pkgman search <package/library>” nice work btw!

Great message. If you manage to make a package, it would be good to have a thread on the forum or website, with a list of compatible games. Where to get them, where to buy them? Especially translated into English.

Thanks for the feedback.

I wrote a recipe here, using the PONScript recipe as a base.


  • Lua. You need to manually comment it out in Makefile.Linux
  • avifile. Doesn’t exist on Haiku. Comment it out.
  • Can’t copy onscripter because read-only filesystem

You can send recipe to - https://github.com/haikuports

BTW it would be better to change name of that thread, for folks googling for onscripter. Maybe one new Haiku user arrive.

Sorry but I have no idea how to make pull requests on Github. I tried in the past and fought with git all day and failed.

As for games, I would have to look into that. I’ve never used a translation. However, if you just want to test the demo of Operation Sanctuary (shown above), this link should work: http://mirror2.twintail.jp:8080/200308/hani_trial.lzh

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Recipe in first post updated. The user still needs to manually comment out the avifile and lua lines in Makefile.Linux. Making a patch according to the Haikuporter instructions only resulted in an empty file. Apart from this, it should compile and install cleanly.

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Lua enabled. It couldn’t find the headers, which I fixed in the makefile. I think the Makefile.Haiku should probably be upstreamed.

Still no avifile. It doesn’t exist on Haiku and it’s really ancient.

The font issue is likely due to Haiku not using the Shift JIS encoding.

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