Raising money for Haiku

Some suggestions how more money could be raised to pay Haiku developers: :smiley:

  1. I assume that the Haiku home page has quite some daily hits. So why not have some sponsors on the page, like a Gold sponsor on top and why not even some google ads. I wouldn’t care when it contributes to a faster development of Haiku !

  2. I remember the time as Blender was collecting money to free the Blender sources. They had a bar on the home page which displayed how much money was already raised and even have had a list of donators. I think that would make it more appealing to donate some money mainly for companies.

In case this topic was already discussed just ignore that suggestion, in other case please Haiku team think about it !

If members in the community have specific interests they wish to see accomplished, I think it behooves the Haiku Development Team to create some sort of Support Store / Paypal option for each of these interests and allow the community to support with their wallets as well as their intellect and good will.