Radeon rx 560 for x512 and his 3d Accel efforts

I can put $125 cash towards this or a similar gpu right now. Obviously depending on how many people take up interest maybe even secure a better gpu, or if the .org is going to buy him a gpu for dev work I’ll contribute to that

Anyways I’m not sure what the best group purchase vehicle is, probably have a admin manage it.

I have $125 i will commit now


I’ll put money towards whatever

I have spent 100€ and will most likely again spend 100€. Thats it. I cant do anything more for now.

Did X512 ask for this?
I don’t really see why the inc /wouldnt/ sponsor a gpu if asked.

I dont think he asked for this, but I totally want to support his efforts.

Also someone posted his PayPal.me in another thread. Its this one here: PayPal.Me


I sold a hd7770 and sent proceed to x512 via his PayPal, but certainly we can all choose to do whatever we like