Radeon HD on my Radeon 5450 gfx card

i have today working full hd resolution. thanks to kallisti5… its not 100pro becouse i dont see boot screen … (i see only message invalid format), but after booting i see nice Haiku screen…


Nice big screen!


Glad to hear :slight_smile:

I’m going to be doing some 5xxx testing / work over the next few days to help reduce the edge cases of 5xxx cards not working.

– Alex


Finally I can go back to Haiku full time!

Thank you kallistic5

Tested here!!

The screen goes green and pink

But the right resolution is detected now!!



Radeon HD 5550!!

Today i buy new graphics card. I upgrade my radeon 5450 to gigabyte radeon 6570 and its works in Haiku without problems with FullHD resolution

Big thanks to Kallisti5