Radeon HD 6570

Good morning,
I recently bought a chinese cheap video card with a Radeon HD 6570 chip.
I bought it because I read here and here that it’s supported, but when I launch a recent nightly I get blank screen (not completely shut off: panel lit with black screen).
Looking at syslog it seems it’s loading fine, except there’s no mention about its native resolution (1680x1050), I can see only references to 1280x1024. Is it a known problem or should I open a ticket?
Is there a way to set manually a specific resolution?
Thank you for any advice and suggestion

Edit 0: ticket opened

Edit 1: Blacklisting radeon_hd driver let’s my monitor go out of range with frequencies (74kh, 119Hz) even changing default resolution under fail-safe boot menu

There is this Thread:

If your card is not supported, then it is a regression, which should be reported at the bug-tracker! I see you already did! :innocent:

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For fail-safe graphic (VESA) testing setup:

  • See: Screen (haiku-os.org)

    • File: ~/config/settings/kernel/drivers/vesa - use this “mode 1024 768 32”
    • File:~/config/settings/kernel/drivers/kernel - remove ‘#’ from “fail_safe_video_mode true”
  • Haiku boot loader:

    • Activate fail-safe graphic driver option
    • Set screen resolution to 1024x768x32

Check with the driver developer in bug tracker for other concerns - as well as inform them of your specific monitor type and graphic card-to-monitor cable connectivity i.e. HDMI).

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Thank you for your suggestions, I’ll try them tomorrow night.

Graphics/Compute: GFX4

Too old for Vulkan.

What card would you recommend for Vulkan ?

Thank you. Maybe I am missing something. Do I need a vulkan supported card for any 2D/3D (future?) acceleration?

Set to 1280 1024 32

thank you so much, at least now it is usable, even if not at it’s native resolution and a bit blurry

vulkan is not supported by haiku.

Viewing the replay from X512 , i suppose he is refering to his 3d acceleration work, because it only works with vulkan, i think.