Radeon Graphics problem at boot (black screen)

So I’m pretty new to Haiku and new to this forum :wave: and I have this problem with the radeon_hd driver where when it’s not blacklisted it cause my computer to have a black screen, not sure if it just froze or things are going on in the background. I’ve had very similar issues with some free software GNU/Linux distro (that don’t come with any proprietary or closed source software). I would like to know if there would be any way to fix it. It seems that for now I have to stick to vesa.

Graphics: AMD A10-9600P Radeon R5
Laptop: HP Notebook - 15-ba049ca
Spec: https://support.hp.com/hr-en/document/c05178687

Good day @Konakona,

Welcome to the Haiku community. Let’s hope you find it useful and friendly, and you will stay for a long time and help improve and enjoy Haiku.

Regarding your Radeon issue, some Radeon cards can only work in fail safe mode (mines -RX560 and integrated Vega- use framebuffer instead of the radeon_hd). This issue has already been reported with different Radeon cards (https://dev.haiku-os.org/search?q=radeon_hd), and looks like yours, at the moment, can only use VESA. Maybe you can check the tickets to see if your specific card needs some setup that allows it to use the radeon_hd driver.


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Thank you. I hope that eventually my video card will be supported. I really love this operating system so far and would like to eventually use it as my main.