Hi, I just wanted to make sure, is r35274 (Walter apparently) relatively stable, or are there any big issues with it?

They were rolled back to this version because newer nightlies were unstable. I believe that one should be good but I have not tested it out.

Best approach is:

  1. check:

I normally look for major changesets (usually done by bonefish, axeld, mmlr) and avoid using any revision from these onwards for about 2 weeks. Also, look for tickets that follow a certain changeset as this may indicate new bugs. Major changes have a greater chance of creating bugs and instability.

  1. download & use it in virtual machine. I use raw images + Qemu but I think you can do it with ISO. This allows you to see any major bugs but without intensive testing you may miss something like the issue going on now. That’s why you must do 1) above too.

Doing both 1 & 2 above should help you avoid any buggy nightly.

Also, good to have 2 or 3 Haiku partitions. This way you can test out nightlies and install Alpha1 or go back to stable nightly if you find one to be buggy. If you end up with revision that causes data corruption then you could lose your personal files! Good reason to have 3 copies of your files on partitions & usb key(s).

Thanks. I’ve just got a new HDD, and plan to put Haikus on my old drive, because windows seems to be a bit of a cannibal, and tries to destroy any files/file systems that it doesn’t recognize. Anyway, I’ve got a nice bit of room to keep several nightlies, and two copies of A1, just in case. Thanks for your advice. I think that I’ll keep my files on an A1 partition, and copy them to a nightly when needed. Should this version allow some of the newer ports and apps to run? Also, do I need to install QT for QT ports to work?

Boot into Alpha when copying files over to nightly to avoid any data corruption.

What happens with ports & apps is that some are compiled on newer revisions thus sometimes making them incompatible with older versions ( like Alpha ). Newer Haiku revisions should be very compatible with newer apps/software. Yes, you must install Qt to run Qt ports.

Do you think that my files will be safe if I mount them read-only, or is the kernel not tested enough for this to be reliable?

read only should be ok because they are only read from and not written to. But if you’re really worried, boot into Alpha & do the copy using that and have multiple copies on different partitions/usb keys just in case.