R1/Beta3 status update


I’m just sending out a quick R1/Beta3 status update.

We’re spending some quality time doing a last-minute scramble to debug the WebPositive “font disappearing issue”.

So far through bisecting, we have identified:

  • The regression likely occurred in haikuwebkit at some point before March 7st, 2021
  • The bug is not due to a regression in Haiku itself and was reproduced in hrev54483

We were able to confirm the information above by compiling the haikuwebkit code as of c49d47d74 under hrev54483 and reproducing the missing font issue.

I’m currently evaluating a “hack fix” idea by madmax in Trac and seeing if it will resolve the issue for me locally.

IF the “hack fix” resolves the issue, I plan on making a small patch and putting it into haikuports to quickly fix the issue before R1/Beta3 while not contaminating the rapidly-moving haikuwebkit source repository with the hack.

IF the “hack fix” doesn’t resolve the issue, I think R1/Beta3 is going to release with the font rendering bug in WebPositive.

Feed back welcome, I just think we’re running out of ideas and time.

– Alex


Good luck guys. Thank you for all your efforts!

madmax’s “hack fix” worked!!!

I’m rapidly pushing these updates through to R1/beta3 so we can at least have a day or two of testing them :sweat_smile:

There will be an RC1 image with these within the next day or two.


‘Be aware’ a mentioned: haikuwebkit 1.8.3 and now the oficial haikuwebkit repo is at Webkit 612.1.25.
Can the recent newer haikuwebkit repo update and madmax patch(es) get used for the next RC1 image?

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So it is some kind of partial update handling problem?

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1.8.3 is not tagged yet, thus cannot be used for a haikuports release. Seeing as the workaround is not a proper fix it is probably fine to have it only for now for users and let the problem be solved properly in development for 1.8.3


Maybe it can be fixed by full repaint on scroll?

this will be haikuwebkit-1.8.2-2. I’m patching it like any other platform bug in a package.

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The fix has been pushed to haikuports :fireworks:

haikuporter builds have kicked off. Waiting for them to complete.


I apologize to @kallisti5 @PulkoMandy and the Haiku community at large if I seemed to be pushy on this issue. In the end, to the outside world that tries Haiku, I’m glad you persevered and discovered a fix, even if it is only temporary. Kudos! Onward and upward!


Updated system to haikuwebkit 1.8.2-2. Confirmed. :+1: :clap:


Waiting for buildmaster to finish the 64bit version … :smiley:


I will do a release of this some time after the beta release once we had time to finish investigating this problem and do a fix that doesn’t change cross-platform code.

After the beta3 release I can resume more frequent updates of the browser (they had been locked for a year because the current versions 1.8.x need some new APIs not available in older Haiku versions).


Thank you all for your efforts! I am really glad you were able to find a fix before beta 3 :slight_smile: Great team work!! Really appreciate all the personal time you put on Haiku !!


Special thanks to madmax, @jessicah , @pulkomandy, and @nephele for helping out! The only reason we were able to figure this out and squeeze it into R1/beta3 was them!

I’m working on generating the R1/beta3 RC1 images now. These should be the real deal as long as no major regressions occur.