R1/beta1 release plans - at last | Haiku Project


Just people to do the work :slight_smile: We’re close. Over the last 24 hours @waddlesplash knocked out a bunch of blockers.

I think we’re going to have a “rc1” soon for beta1 which we need people to test extensively.

All the test builds up until now have been us refining the image and fixing all the edge issues. (repo urls’, installer logos, getting GPL sources rolled in, release notes, etc)


The development team of haiku is very smal, they des not can do magic to make it ready with a smile. It is hard work and all in spare private hobby times.

If you can help out, i think you are welcome to reduce bugs or help by solving errors.


Honestly? It could take years until the actual beta is out, let’s not kid ourselves. These are hobbyists we’re talking about; we’re lucky they’re working on it at all. So, it’s better to give the community something to play with now, so we can say “hey, our favorite OS is feature-complete,” than to just leave them hanging until then. (On the other hand, if things move too slowly for you, learn C++ and the Be API and get coding :wink: )

Anyway, releasing an RC will generate a much-needed influx of testing. Bugs will be discovered, and therefore fixed, at a faster pace, leading to a sooner release of the official beta.


Not really, just curb expectations. Some things are more simple like:

  • Add PDF versions to important docs for multiplatform viewing (ex. BeBook, Welcome, Intro, Guide, Tutorial)
  • Finalize XHCI stack updates for now (USB 3.x test)

Everything on the core CD works ‘good enough’ and finally Web+ is a bit better as of hrev52365. IMHO, I
use kiosks and browsing with ‘commercial-grade’ browsers still crashes or hangs within an hour of use. Don’t give Web+ the short stick so easily after weeks of someone’s efforts. Squirrel!

Seriously, Haiku has become ‘good enough’ for daily use and stable enough to compile/port large free open source software projects.

Test: I downloaded files using Web+, successfully compiled Mesa 18.2.1 on Haiku x86, wrote some notes in PE, and watched 4K/1080p videos. Besides doing academia work in LibreOffice and scan/printing-based
work… not too much to complain about to stop the momentum…

But, we should heavily test it for our own personal scrimmage…


Xhci updates simple you say? If they were simple theyed already be done.


I’d think/hope the devs have other dev contacts or are aware of whatever the holdbacks exist with that issue.
If that is a serious stopgap for the beta release, well… they are pretty helpful and talented enough to
overcome the hurdle(s) in due time.


Mh… actually, the point of the beta is “it could take years before R1 is out, so it’s better to give the community something to play with now”. So, beta1 is overrated as an actual release now, and we are making release candidates of it. And we don’t even dare to call these release candidates. Soon, people will say “it could take years before R1-beta1-RC1-prerelease is out, so let’s give the commnity something to play with”. Let’s just ship that beta. There can be a beta2 to fix problems later on.