R1/beta1 release plans - at last | Haiku Project


Yeah, Mac’s are tricky. We do have a UEFI bootloader (which seems to work better in these situations), but it isn’t build as part of the image yet. (nor do we have an automatic installation process if you’re installing to your machine)

@jessicah is working on that, but didn’t make the r1beta1 branch. We still have some hope thought she’ll finish it up before R1 beta1 is released.


I confirm that hrev52309 image works well directly, without any workarounds. Thank you.


Now the r1beta1 rc 1 is out with the hrev52295 and additional there is now the normal hrev52309 out.
Which one is more stable and more mature?

Before I thoughted, that after the r1beta1 rc1, all upcomming versions are r1beta1 rcs until r1beta1 is published.
The other possibility would be, that Haiku would be forked: An stable r1beta1 tree and a tree with additional features, which will not be included in r1beta1.

But the revision number is an upcounting number and hrev52309 is not as r1beta1 rc marked. :confused:


My humble wish to the release is to the installation image to fit to CD (700Mb). Is it possible?


Read the mailing list, the articles and the dev.haiku-os.org tickets, you will find all the required info, it is discussed recently.


Whoa, no, it’s not the official beta release candidate yet. The thread refers to it as pre-RC; that means the rc is yet to come.


That’s just the the Haiku built from the master branch, nothing special.


Have now tried out the r1beta1rc1 hrev52295.

At the moment I have as general a problem with my mouse. Don’t know if is the computer, the mouse or the cable of it. On Linux and Windows from time to time it is, like I removing my USB-mouse and input it again.
But on Haiku it ended up, that is is only like removing it. At some point I couldn’t use it no longer. So I have rebootet to an other OperatingSystem, where it works. I assume, that rebooting Haiku woul working, too - until the mouse or computer gives again the signal, that it was removed.


See #14389.


Nice to see that R1/beta1 might be coming out soon. I’ve been using Haiku on various machines, on and off, for a couple of years, and I have no complaints and very few suggestions for it. Right now I’m using hrev52312 on an IBM ThinkPad T42 - runs much faster than its original Windows XP installation. Have to hand it to the devs, in my opinion Haiku’s turning out awesomely. :+1:


It is now the 25th. What happened? Is it still coming soon, or has it been pushed back indefinitely again?


No. Another round of delays. We should see an RC by the end of today, and then maybe the real release soon after that, unless serious problems are found in the RC.


Good, thanks! I just got my dorm-room Haiku box working and I’m anxious to test new stuff.

What exactly can I expect in terms of differences between the RC and the latest nightly image?


Essentially? Nothing. Tweaks to some files here and there, package versions … etc. That’s it.


The original published plan had Release Candidates being tested for two weeks starting 25 August is this step (two weeks of testing) now abandoned?


We have been testing a release candidate for the last two weeks already.


There have been some minor bug fixes cherry-picked from master as well.


A week ago waddlesplash described his latest attempts as being “almost RC images” so by definition NOT release candidates. I appreciate that you believe that you speak for the project but it seems as though if the release co-ordinator says the RC is something we should see “by the end of today” (yesterday) that isn’t because it already existed two weeks ago.


I mean “we” as the community, not the project here.
I have no idea what “almost RC” means. I’m already not sure how we ended up with release candidates for what is only a beta version. So, pre-release of release candidates of a beta version is way above what I can understand!


To prevent confusion, how about we don’t proclaim or label anything until the actual beta images are out? Sorry if this sounds a bit harsh, but this whole thing is starting to baffle me and is getting a little frustrating.


Ok. What’s the current status of the upcoming beta? What are the blockers?