R1 Alpha 2, "undertaker" boot error

Having trouble booting into r1 Alpha 2 from hard drive. The LiveCD and r1 Alpha 1 boot fine on the same hardware. Kernel Debug Land error starts off as:

Thread 3 “undertaker” running on cpu 0
stack trace for thread 3 "undertaker"
kernel stack: 0xffff8000 to 0xffffc000

Searched forum and dev-Haiku bugtracker and didn’t come across anything similar.

Any ideas? Need more information?

Try a nightly image to see if the problem still exists. Alpha2 is very old to test on now.

If yes, then file a (kernel) ticket at the bug tracker.


I downloaded this ISO file and installed. The operating system booted right through the trouble spot and to the desktop.

Did a bit of initial testing to check functionality, and everything seems OK. Played a music CD, watched the teacup twirl at >400 fps, and checked the automatic resolution (32bit, 1152x864). Unfortunately I wasn’t able to check networking, as the computer in question is offline use only.

The monitor is a widescreen, and although Haiku doesn’t appear to be widescreen-capable, the OS and/or monitor deals with it well: the desktop is centered on the screen with black space on each side.

Thank you for the suggestion to try the Nightly release. I can’t recommend this Nightly for a first-time setup though, since the partition and disk tools appear to be disabled.

Ok, not sure about partition and disk tools. Maybe hidden in the menus? I haven’t checked. Only reason to remove (?) them is if they are undergoing changes or causing issues.

I will have to look at a recent nightly to see what happened.

I booted from the same disk again tonight to double-check. Everything seems fine. Weird.

I swear last night the menu options were grayed out and couldn’t be selected. Must have done something different?

A side question that perhaps you might know, can the Haiku Bootman boot Linux? Either it’s not capable or I haven’t configured it properly yet. That would be a worthwhile achievement, IMO, since many/most Haiku users are likely dual booting another OS at this point.

Yeah, that’s how I’ve done it in the past. Would be great if Bootman could load Linux natively though, bypassing the need for GRUB.

I wasn’t really expecting it, just wondering if it’s been given some thought.

What would be nice, somewhere in the documentation, a list of operating systems that Bootman can load directly.

you have 2 options for dual booting with linux
1)if you have the haiku 's Bootmanager already installed,you still need to install GRUB to your linux part ( i assume you know already how to do that?)
2)if you still have GRUB installed on the raw device,you can just chainload haiku to GRUB by following this howto below.