Quit: could not find running app with sig x-vnd.Haiku-APPNAME

Hi, i have a own application with the SIG application/x-vnd.Haiku-APPNAME
this application work in background, so i can’t quit it in the deskbar. When i try to close app in Terminal with the quit command i get this error:

~> quit x-vnd.Haiku-APPNAME
could not find running app with sig x-vnd.Haiku-APPNAME

Inside /boot/home/config/settings/beos_mime/application there is SIG file.

The only solution is to kill the app with ProcessController, and inside the list of “Quit an application” my app is not listed.

Why i get the error in the subject?

Hi Diamond Dave,

“quit application/x-vnd.Haiku-APPNAME” should work.


Hi Humdinger, unfortunately this command doesn’t work for me. Work for every applications but don’t for mine.

There’s probably something wrong with your app, David. :slight_smile:
You do specify your signature when creating your BApplication object, right? No typo possible? I’m not much of a coder, so you may be better off trying the 3rd-party mailing list or IRC channel…
BTW, "x-vnd.Haiku-APPNAME isn’t a good signature for your own apps, as it suggests the “vendor” is the Haiku project. Better go with something like x-vnd.DiamondD-APPNAME.


Thank you for the precisations, Humdinger! But in any way I didn’t notice any kind of typo.
I’ll try to ask on the 3rd-party mailing list too.


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