I’ve been reading the “Learning to Program With Haiku” tutorials and I got to lesson 19, and noticed they are using a tool called QuickRes to edit resources files for their project. I guess that isn’t included in modern Haiku? My distribution (beta 1 nightly running on x64) doesn’t have any resource editor. I couldn’t find it on the depot either. Am I missing something?


Hello. QuickRes is available in one of the 3rd party repositories:


You have to add the BeSly Software repo. More info here:

And here:

Another way is downloading directly the package from here:

This app is available only for Haiku 32 bits.


Thanks, are there any resource editors for 64 bit Haiku?


Maybe this? I didn’t try it:


I tried it, It crashes whenever I load a resource…


even more, you can get it from two different repos!


Meanwhile you can edid rdef files manually with a text editor, and then use rc and xres to compile them and add them to your program. If you are not afraid of the command line, that will do :slight_smile:


Can you descript how to do that?


The article Compile Them Resources should get you going. Using the makefile_engine simplifies all that by just declaring the RDEF file in the makefile.