QuickRes missing?

I’ve been reading the “Learning to Program With Haiku” tutorials and I got to lesson 19, and noticed they are using a tool called QuickRes to edit resources files for their project. I guess that isn’t included in modern Haiku? My distribution (beta 1 nightly running on x64) doesn’t have any resource editor. I couldn’t find it on the depot either. Am I missing something?

Hello. QuickRes is available in one of the 3rd party repositories:

You have to add the BeSly Software repo. More info here:

And here:

Another way is downloading directly the package from here:

This app is available only for Haiku 32 bits.

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Thanks, are there any resource editors for 64 bit Haiku?

Maybe this? I didn’t try it:

I tried it, It crashes whenever I load a resource…

even more, you can get it from two different repos!

Meanwhile you can edid rdef files manually with a text editor, and then use rc and xres to compile them and add them to your program. If you are not afraid of the command line, that will do :slight_smile:

Can you descript how to do that?

The article Compile Them Resources should get you going. Using the makefile_engine simplifies all that by just declaring the RDEF file in the makefile.

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Is there no good reason to have a QuickRes utility for Haiku going forward? I have used it in the past on 32-bit Haiku when editing resources for an app I was working on.

It is a closed source program extracted from BeOS Dev Tools (correct me if i am wrong), this is why it is available only for 32 bit and this is the reason why it isnt available in the official repo. Therefore we have no chance and means to develop or support it.

Resourcer is open source and can be fixed/developed further, but Haiku went with clear-text resources as rdef files which can be edited with a simple text-editor and compiled to resources with command-line tools. HaikuPorter have a one-liner invocation for it, it means even less reason for a resource editor.
You can however continue to extend/fix Resourcer if you want.

Is there any documentation on how to edit rdef files appropriately?

The above mentioned article Compile them resources does a fairly good job, I think.

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Can you store fonts in resources?