QuickLaunch: Launch with single click

Hi there!

QuickLaunch is a little launcher to start applications. It’s available through HaikuDepot.

Brian recently suggested to (optionally) allow launching an app with a single click instead of a double click. I personally don’t mind - I never use QuickLaunch with the mouse.
I do mind a bit, however, to add another option to the settings window…

What do other users of QuickLaunch think:

Could you live with QuickLaunch launching apps on a single click?

  • Sure. Always launch apps on single click.
  • Never! Please make it optional.

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I would not like it if you can open everything at once with a click, how often can you unintentionally open the wrong program? And
in programs I find it very handy if you click with (1 times) something
and gets information and first opens with double click

Just to stress it once more: this is only about the behaviour of QuickLaunch. You don’t get any more info in QuikLaunch when clicking onto an entry once.

Ah ok … then it would be nice if you click on a pop up with infos from the program. But it would also be irritable in QuickLaunch to start with one click. Both sides have something for themselves. The best is to build an option in the settings, which allows both.

The poll up to now suggests that. I don’t like having too many options, generally.
QuickLaunch shows a list of all apps starting with the letters you entered. It won’t show you info on that app besides (optionally) path and version. It’s just a launcher, and you knew what app you were looking for once you typed its name.
Clicking once on an item in that result list is just a tiny fraction more convenient that double-clicking…

Personally, since I already have the hands on the keyboard from entering the starting letters, I find it much easier to hit the curser down key once or a few times and hit enter…

If you right click a list item it opens a menu, if you need additional features besides what is already displayed for info that could be utilized.

Also does anyone know of a way to just press the super key to launch something (not a combo shortcut like SUPER-Q which is what I currently use to launch QuickLaunch, but just press and release the super key)? I find myself doing that by habit. If not, I think I just found my next project.

Edit: The Shortcuts preflet doesn’t allow this, it needs a Key defined as far as I am able to tell.

For those who want it as an optional setting, what does selecting the item accomplish for you? I don’t see any purpose but maybe I am missing something?

SUPER+Q is quite risky. At least with my thick fingers I’d often do an ALT+Q which would close the focused app. :slight_smile: I use SUPER+Space aka OPT+Space.

Using only OPT would need a input_server device or filter, but wouldn’t work anyway, because it’s already a shortcut in Haiku: when double-clicking a folder to close its parent and for Stack&Tile.
Better retrain your muscle memory. :slight_smile: