Questions/ruminations on UI

I am somewhat of a computer enthusiast and have burned my way through operating systems - my laptop came with Windows 7 but has had FreeBSD, Debian, Ubuntu, and Arch all installed on it. I have become very fed up with the poor offerings of desktop OS’s and recently discovered Haiku. In many ways it seems to be a candidate for my dream OS: centralized, simple, fast, and configurable.

There are some things that worry me, though. I feel strongly that an ideal OS would let the user decide how windows are managed: in linux I use a tiling window manager and I feel that they are much more productive than a traditional “floating” manager. Are there plans to include such UI behavior options in Haiku?

May be, you are thinking about Stack-And-Tile functionality.

2 students from an university in Auckland have done a prototype.

Now, Clemens Zeidler is working to clean SAT, before it can be incorporated in the trunk

He means a window manager that uses the full screen all the time and splits it between the windows, some very very strange people hate desktop backgrounds and saw fit to create such a thing. :stuck_out_tongue:

He probably means something like this:

I don’t think they’ll do this for Haiku. Not in the way you mean. But I think you can use that Stack-And-Tile functionality to recreate a Tiling Window Manager. Not perfectly of course.


I hope you’re joking, do you think I want to waste screen real estate looking at my desktop background rather than using my whole screen to see what I’m working on? (or waste my time arranging it manually?)

The Stack-and-tile video looks very interesting to me. It makes me wonder if the concept couldn’t be expanded to have sort of a “tiled” layer behind the “floating” layer that windows could be “dropped” into, to tile them.

I was joking yes. I can see why you would want such a WM but I think that the SAT stuff is probably more useful and acceptable to more people than the full screen tiling, that also seems to be accompanied by keyboard only interaction…