Questions about Haiku for real using

Hi I have long time not try Haiku I want know few answers to my questions.

Ok, first question I know Haiku doesn’t have suspend/resume but what about Power saving energy, does haiku have dynamic freq of cpu.
second question is when i have haiku as my second OS is BeFS (be filesystem) stable for daily using? compare etc to EXT4 in linux.
third question SSD disk how Haiku support SSD, i prefer only one big partition for system and data, when something doesn’t goes ok its possible to reinstall haiku at the some partion when i have data without reformatting?

Thanks for good OS.

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read these thing first.
and, please keep your important data into other disk.
still beta stage.

It does (at least for intel CPUs, dunno about AMD or other architectures). You can see it in ActivityMonitors “CPU speed” info. Also ProcessController has an to use “Power saving”.

Regular backups of important data is necessary on every filesystem or OS. Evenif it’s often not because of a software error, but for hardware malfunction or the user just accidentally changing/deleting stuff.
That said, I haven’t had data corruption for many years, though YMMV…

Generally it is possible to install over an existing installation and all the data in the home folder and settings etc. are kept. You’d need to re-install all applications installed in “system” (the default), though.
However, personally I prefer keeping my actual data (not settings etc.) on separate partitions. Those are easily un/mounted from separate installations, e.g. if you have a Haiku Beta install and one nightly, or 32 and 64bit installs etc.
And in case you need to format the system partition - who knows, maybe that will be needed at some point before R1 - having data and system separated is one less issue having to think about.


humdinger thanks for infos for me is very important scenario to have stable system, and i use windows but i doesnt like it and i use linux too, linux is ok for me is stable and linux ext4 is best filesystem i feel safe with it but i looking for something easer and haiku is option i know haiku very long time but i think i must do next step. i have experiences from my first 80GB WD disk, after this i have AFS 1TB disks and 3TB disk Toshiba Advanced Format 4K block disk but now i use only SSD disk are more cheaper and faster, and i learn to have one system ssd disk and second ssd for data. maybe i do something equal for haiku too

sorry for my very bad english and heavy reading :smiley:

You can put both the system and data on one drive or put the data on a second one. That works fine.

I use a m.2 SSD with Haiku and that works too : )