Question about the way Haiku manages memory, storage and I/O

Hi, I need to study about this operating system, more specifically about how Haiku manages memory, storage and, I/O. I have been searching for several days, but I have not been able to find clear information. So, I do this question in this forum and I hope someone could help me with this. Thanks!

google , be book, storage kit

also the book is the haiku api

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We don’t have much well-structured documentation, unfortunately.

You can find some at Welcome to Haiku internals’s documentation! — Haiku internals documentation but it is extremely incomplete. Then there are various blog posts and article on the website but they may be hard to locate.


Thank you very much. I had seen that you were involved for a long time into this operating system and I wanted to communicate with you before making this publication. Anyway, thank you very much for your reply.