Question About Some Old BeOS Code

Hello! I’m here to ask a question about some old BeOS code I have found, which is the old OpenGL 2.0 with BDirectGLWindow. Would it be ok to reverse engineer (meaning passing in random values and seeing what comes out of the function) to recreate the class, or would this still void a license or spark with Access Co? The archive contains built libraries, headers, accelerants, and drivers, no source code.

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Wether you are allowed to reverse engineer the code depends on your local legislations. Some info here:

You are allowed to do much more than black box reverse engineering. You can disassemble the code to understand what it does, for research purposes. And you have the headers, so you probably can guess most of what it does already.

The reason we have not implemented BDirectGLWindow in Haiku is another one: our focus is on BeOS R5, and this class was not part of it. So it was left aside. When we get to implementing 3D acceleration, we may decide to use a completely different API.

Ah, I see, thank you for the information!