Question about developing in Palladin

I understand this may be covered in some help file that I have not yet read.

When creating a new project in Palladin, based on the templates, the files generated open as read-only, either in Pe or Koder. Is that normal, by design, etc etc and these files should not be edited, or am I doing something wrong ?

When searching in HaikuDepot for some package, there is also the source code of said package, but asking for its installation ends with an error of “program() not found”. Again, is this normal, and the source just gets saved in some place ( where ? ) or the right way of downloading the source code for packages is not through HaikuDepot ?

Thanks !

Exactly. The source packages are there only to fullfill the license requiments.

Research HaikuPorts to access the source codes.

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That’s not really the problem. There is a bug in the package kit which makes it reject download and install of source packages. No one has fixed it for years. As a result we don’t actually comply with license requirements…

We could make these source packages more useful if it was possible to install them…

Or we could give up on this, in which case I don’t see why the source packages are still available in the repositories and visible in HaikuDepot.

Can we avoid the “RTFM” type of answers? Haiku is now a complex system with several parts, and it is not easy for newcomers to find their way around. Let’s try to be a bit more helpful to them…

Haikuports is the tool we use to build packages from sources. You can find some info about it here: Home · haikuports/haikuports Wiki · GitHub


This is a bug, the template files are packaged and marked as read only, paladin copied them to a new project but does not set them to be read write. iirc
You can edit them freely

Okay about the bug. Will change the attributes of the files for now, and wait/research a way to fix that bug later then.

Thanks ! I got confused because the source package would appear in the depot application, but wouldn´t instal, be it in the 32 or 64bit version, so I thought I was doing something wrong.

Will read about the haikuports on the link. Just getting the installations configured so that I can start looking about using / developing / bug-fixing.

Thanks a lot.