Question about compiling on one machine and building on another

For installing Haiku on a Mac Mini, after I unsuccessfully tried compiling on the that machine, I tried compiling it on a Macbook, and then building on the Mac Mini. Below are the error messages received:

headers/os/support/Errors.h:52:0: warning: "B_ERROR" redefined [enabled by default]
Error: couldn't open file /dev/disk0s4 (Resource busy)

I am wondering if I was close to getting it installed by the means that I tried, or if it simply is impossible to compile on one machine and build on another. Might anyone have any thoughts in that regard?

If it is not possible, I plan to try other means, but I thought that I’d inquire about this method first because I got much further in the install process than I had when trying to compile on the Mac Mini itself.

What do you mean by “compile on one machine and build on another”?

Sorry about not giving more details previously! :slight_smile:

I made a disk image on a MacBook.

Then I compiled, using GCC4, on that disk image located on the MacBook.

Then I copied the disk image to a USB flash drive, and then copied the disk image from the flash drive to a Mac Mini.

Then, from the disk image on the Mac Mini, I tried to build to a partition on the Mac Mini.

Later, while doing a process of elimination, I tried compiling using GCC4 on a disk image located on the Mac Mini. Compiling on the Mac Mini using GCC4 succeeded, although building did not succeed.

The next thing I plan to try is installing a Linux distribution on the Mac Mini, and trying to compile and build using the Linux operating system.