Qubit web tablet that runs BeIA or Embeded linux

I have a trinket from my interactive television development days that I would like to sell. It’s a Qubit Web Tablet, great development platform, currently run the BeIA operating system, but I’m sure someone with inginuity could update it to the current versions of Be or Haiku. We got it originally from Qubit back in 1999 and did a little work with it. It functions fine, rechargable battery, optional USB wireless keyboard/trackball freedomboard. It’s really a slick little device. If you’re interested, reply here or email me and I’d be glad to answer any questions. I’d like to ask $300 for it, I’ll pay shipping for domestic US purchase.


Can you provide some processor/memory specs too? Storage capacity? I might be interested :slight_smile:

I’ll look into its internal specs. It will require opening the device which I have done before. I know it runs off a 64M CF card so upgrading software or even changing OS’s should be pretty straight forward. It comes with a symphony wireless network interface (not 802.11 AFAIK) but, I remember that Qubit was planning on moving that direction as prices went down. They were originally much more expensive in the late 90’s than they are now. I’ll look into what processor it has on it, I might just end up taking pictures for you and doing remote ressearch for you in that way. Thanks for the interest.

I believe the Qubit uses a Geode CPU , not sure but maybe 300 MHz. It’s pretty easy to do quite a bit with a custom-rolled BeOS setup, or look around for the BeIA Dev Kit, which has a few things that will make life easier for a CF or Flash setup. I’ve been running BeOS/IA in everything from thinclients to a Virgin WebPlayer with good results for the most part.


If you’ve still got the Qubit, let me know. I might be interested. It would go well in the BeOS part of my zoo and still be quite handy while out on the deck this summer.

I’ve still got it, I haven’t yet opened it to get the specs as requested before (sorry desidaerius504). As I recall, it does have a Be version of real player built in as well, plus a soft keyboard. I still intend to get the specs as requested, but my schedule is pretty limiting.

I did find the following informaiton about the tablet online:

Qubit Technology Wireless Web Tablet Device (May 15)
In 1999, Qubit Technology previewed the Qubit system, a handheld Internet device that included a wireless Web tablet, charging cradle, wireless keyboard and modem receiver, to enable home users Internet connectivity without a personal computer. The company is now preparing to market the Qubit, which will be released in the 4th quarter of this year.

The Qubit cradle plugs into a kitchen outlet and a phone or cable jack and acts as a home base for the tablet, containing the circuitry for recharging the tablet's batteries, which can run up to three hours between recharges, and the housing for the wireless infrared keyboard. It also contains a radio frequency transceiver and 56K, digital subscriber line or cable modem interface to the Internet. With a range of several hundred feet and the power of a 2.4 GHz RF link exceeding a T1, the Qubit cradle can also act as the wireless local area network hub for up to 8 computing platforms in the home, including existing PCs. The infrared capabilities of the system also allows printing from the tablet by pointing the tablet at the printer and pushing a print button.

The Qubit tablet features a 10.4-inch, 800 x 600 color LCD display with a high-resolution touch screen and a stand on the back of the tablet for tabletop viewing. The tablet weighs less than two and a half pounds and features built-in stereo speakers and a microphone, and can accommodate full streaming audio and video.

The company has announced that it has selected National Semiconductor's National Geode WebPAD reference platform as the enabling hardware for the Tablet. The device runs an embedded Linux or the BeIA operating system.

Qubit will use several distribution channels for the Qubit device. The company will first market to high-end consumers through ISPs and directly from the Web. For these applications, the tablet's initial screen will feature a shared family calendar, grocery and to do list and links for each family member. Links will lead to age/gender specific content – some chosen by the family, and others fixed by content provider sponsorships. E-mail and instant messaging will also be available on the device and there will be flash memory slots for image storage. The Tablet is expected to make its debut in the 4th quarter for $800 but they will likely be subsidized by providers (prices as low as $399) with a branded portal home page.

Qubit is also working with financial institutions and telecommunications companies to bring these Internet access devices to market. Deals are in the works with Whirlpool as well, which has demonstrated a refrigerator designed to hold a Qubit Tablet in the door. Whirlpool, along with Cisco, Sun Microsystems, and GTE have all made Qubit a cornerstone of their "connected home."</blockquote></div></blockquote></div>

Sorry for the multiple posts. I guess first come first server, let me know who wants it. $300, and I pay shipping to continental US. skeletor at gmail dot com

What do you have with it? Do you have the cradle?


the dvelopment model I have never came with a cradle, but it does have a slide in the bottom that exposes what I assume would be a cradle slot. With it you get the tablet, charger and symphony access point + power supply. Pretty much what Quibit sent to us when we started the development.

If you’ll take $250 I’ll take it right now, otherwise it will be a while as I’ve already got some other equipment coming this week. If you decide to and will take PayPal, send me an email addy.


I sent you a message. Let me know soon.