Qt5 based software font antialiasing

I found that they don’t obey the setting on Appearance. Other Apps looked fine, only them have problem. They also caused trouble for me on Linux, too. But on Linux there is an utility called qt5ct to generate a working fonts.conf under .config/fontconfig and they happily follow this fontconfig setting. Don’t know how to do it on Haiku. I think I just copy my fonts.conf from Linux to Haiku, but I don’t know where to put it. BTW, I think we should have the Qt5 based Apps treated out of the box.

No one has any ideas about this?

This should be fixed in the next qthaikuplugins package update. Stay tuned.


Thanks :smile:

New version of qthaikuplugins released:

  • Use GenericUnixFontdatabase
  • Add support subpixel antialiasing
  • Add support for tablet devices
  • Add new toolbar icons
  • OpenGL enabled for qtwebkit browsers (WebGL support)

cool… big thanks @3dEyes