Qt4 does not compile

The fpcdeluxe installer caused a kernel panic:
PANIC: Unexpected “x87 Floating-Point Error” occurred in kernel mode! Error code: 0x0

Okay, now it finished with errors as you predicted. I went into ~/fpcupdeluxe/lazarus/lcl/interfaces/qt5, gave the command “qmake” which did nothing. Then “make”. “make: -VSPTPSOTO: Command not found

FYI: if your development relying on “make” then do not update your Haiku install right now as make will become non-functional.

The ticket tells, the affected version is 54697 and i have 54154.

Thats why i said: do not update.

The affected version has a much higher revision number than mine. I did not update to 54697.
I did an update in HaikuDepot two days ago, when i have installed Haiku, but that installed 54154. I did not update to 54697.


qmake -> make -> make install

into lcl/interfaces/qt5/cbindings

Is where qt5.pas & Qt5Pas.pro are, this last instruct to create libray libQt5Pas

s40in user created a package with qt4 & Lazarus some time ago.

"My app does not depend on Qt4, it depends on Lazarus which depends on Qt4 or Qt5 under Haiku. But Qt5 is more a resource hog than Qt4 (and i cannot install Qt5 due to the mentioned problem)."

It is a public application free opensource or private?

I see, thank you. Tomorrow i’ll try to compile it again.

Thanks that too. Are these packages 64 or 32-bit? The label “x86” suggests the latter one.

It’s public and free, but not open source.

Currently it’s Linux, FreeBSD and Solaris only (all x86, but POWER, Sparc64 and ARM builds are planned).
I already have managed to build and make it work under OpenBSD (although i’ve ran into one problem with the HTTP GET queries, but i have a workaround) and i thought i might try to build it under Haiku too.
I’m planning to build it under macOS too, whenever i’ll get a MacMini 2009 and if cross-compile for PowerPC works there, then there will be a PowerPC OS X version too. (I already tried to build it on my PowerMac G4, but it requires at least Lazarus 1.6.0 and only 1.2.4 is available there…)

“qmake” and “make” finished without errors, but “make install” failed: “Cannot create /boot/system/lib/libQt5Pas.so.1.2.8 for output

Use a prefix, that folder is managed by the package daemon, thus it is read only.

I’ve copied them by hand to the places jma_sp told me.
However, when i go to ~/fpcupdeluxe/lazarus and give the command “make LCL_PLATFORM=qt5”, then it dies again with make errors, “make: -VSPTPSOTO: Command not found” and similar.

My Haiku installation is buggy, no icons, no…a lot of spended time, so i can not test more.
Make is working again with latest update.


Try adding fpc and ppcx64 to environment path.

Which environmental variable i should add them to?

Okay, i’ve added /boot/common/bin to $PATH and it now compiles, however now it fails with the linker missing Qt5Pas “/bin/ld: cannot find -lQt5Pas
I’ve put the libraries into both places you’ve suggested.

Try to put Qt5pas.pas & Qt5Pa
s.ppu into lazarus directory.

There is no Qt5pas.pas and Qt5Pas.ppu, only qt5.pas and Qt5Pas.pro and they are already in the lazarus directory.

Qt5.ppu & Qt5.o

I’ve copied them into both ~/fpcupdeluxe/lazarus and /boot/home/config/non-packaged/lib and the result is the same: “/bin/ld: cannot find -lQt5Pas”
Maybe the qt5.o should be in another dir, where the linker can find it?