Qt port bug report

Since i haven’t gotten a response to where qt bugs should be i’ll list them here in the hopes that they are seen. The port is quite thorough already, so regard this more as papercut bugs.

Qt apps opening URI’s is subtly broken, all requests seem to go directly to WebPositive, and open two pages one with the path to WebPositive and one the actually opened URI, it doesn’t look like the normal open path is invoked… in some cases WebPositive opens and will redirect to another application.

The menu bar in qt apps renders without the correct gradient (or top color line?) for menu bars
Bitmap Clip.png.png

LC_TIME support seems to be broken throroughly for qt apps, while translations and such are correct, displayed timestamps are always in AM/PM format for me, while in the locale prefs it is set to 24hour for me

Support for wacom tablets is subtly broken, for examples scrollbars in native applications allow me to smoothly grab and scroll them with the tablet, while in qt apps i can only press a specific position and it jumps there, draggins is not possible. (With the mouse draggins works)

in QML code there is no way to check for the Haiku platform (Granted, i only needed this for a workaround of another bug in QML (check nheko port, rounding effect in QML is broken on haiku) but this might still be nice to have)

Deskbar icons will show up even though the software requresting it might have done so in a “disabled” state, and sometimes the deskbar icons for qt apps duplicate.
Would be nice to have an option to globally disable deskbar icons for qt apps though, I haven’t had any qt app installed where i saw their icon as warranted, but maybe that is just me (some seem to use this because that is the only qt native way to send notifications, and is bundled to a tray icon for some reason)

I’m happy to investigate some of these bugs, but i know almost nothing about Qt code, mostly tested apps and ported some to haiku now (mostly nheko though)

Regards, nephele

Normally, Qt Haiku bugs should be reporter here:


That might be the same core issue as reported at https://github.com/threedeyes/qthaikuplugins/issues/20 . Does drag and drop in general work for you with the tablet?